About EPIC

About EPIC

EPIC Sport Management Society was formed as a means to create programs that will help the development of the sport, and those individuals involved in the sport in British Columbia and across Canada.



(a) To deliver long term, patient and consistent environments that foster independence in athletes and coaches through purposeful efforts, grit and decision training.

(b) To foster relationships with all levels of soccer administration within British Columbia and across Canada in order to build a network which allows growth for the athletes and for the sport in our area.

(c) To provide player development opportunities, such as academies, camps, specialty workshops, college search seminars & workshops, domestic and international travel for training and competition.

(d) To advocate for the sport of soccer and for the athletes as we reach out to provincial teams, national teams and collegiate programs.

The Player JOURNEY


We recognize the PATHWAY for development from club soccer to high performance in British Columbia and across Canada. The pathway is extremely inclusive when players enter the sport and it remains this way until U13 where streaming truly begins. These streams are meant to keep players in the game longer as they would be 'competing' at their appropriate level. These 'appropriate competitive environments' become the pathway through community club, VIPL, BCSPL, Provincial Teams, Pacific FC and then the National Teams.

The Pathway is critical for high performance; however, the pathway is too simplistic to describe the experience of a young player joining soccer at five or six years of age and then continuing until the end of their involvement in the game.  The experience is one of a JOURNEY and like so many journeys there are phases (of development), ups and downs, and there is often no end; however, the process is exhilarating.

​Many players want additional training and they want an environment where they feel safe; safe to take risks, and to make errors with positive encouragement for this process whilst training. We encourage all young players to find an environment which motivates them throughout their journey regardless of whether they are on the official high performance pathway or they are identified as recreational players on the pathway. Players should explore their possibilities by receiving consistent messages from consistent messengers.

As the expression states, 'it takes a village to raise a child', well we believe 'it takes a community to foster the growth of a player.'  ALL club experiences, ALL academy experiences, ALL school experiences, ALL multi-sport experiences, All camp experiences, and certainly ALL 'Free Play' experiences come together for the benefit of the player along their sporting journey.

EPIC Programs


We integrate our curriculum and long term player development philosophy with a practice of living our values whilst providing EPIC development opportunities for coaches and players.

We Strive To Be Our Best. Our structure and opportunities have been created to enhance the experiences and build character. We strive to be our best and do our best to create a SAFE and ENRICHING environment. We use our experience and education to regularly better this environment and the player experiences.